The Weekly: Week of June 9th, 2019


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Title: God is All Powerful
Psalm 18:25-50
Guest Speaker
Pastor Mike Willis

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Big thanks to dads everywhere! Fatherhood isn’t easy, on this day we celebrate you for the deposits you made in our lives.


This week, we will focus on the growing ministry of Bridge Fellowship Church.

As you pray, pray this way…

  • Rejoice and celebrate with us and for us! God has blessed us with our own dedicated meeting space. Pray for: wise stewardship of the space, continued great relationship with the Landlord and other tenants, continued faithful givers. We realize the new space is a gift from God. Lord keep our hearts filled willed appreciation.

  • Jesus guard us from complacency, this new meeting space is yet another step in the direction you’re leading us.

  • Lord keep Pastor Douglas rooted in your Word and fixed on your face.



Since the dawn of humanity, God has called us to trust Him and to continually step out on faith. In fact, one of the ways we show our faith is through our willingness to follow God. When God commissioned Pastor Douglas to plant BFC, he and Sheila took a leap of faith. In fact, the entire church planting journey has been a series faith leaps. Each time a new challenge presented itself God guided us through. A few weeks ago we began praying for a new meeting space to better fit our needs. God has answered our prayers. Our first service in our new space will be on June 23rd. Truly God is faithful. Having a dedicated meeting space opens up countless opportunities for ministry. This Sunday will be our last service at 2600 Timber Dr. For the next two Sundays we’ll be looking at progress as it relates to the life of the church. The God of the Bible is about progress - faithful obedience to follow where he leads. God wants us to to keep it moving, he didn’t establish the church for us to sit and soak. Join us this weekend to learn more about Christian progression.  


Join us for our weekly Worship Service!

Sunday at 10 AM!

2600 Timber Drive, Garner, NC
(Garner Town square Shopping Center behind Office Max)