The Weekly: Week of August 25th, 2019

BFC exists to BRIDGE people back to God through the Gospel. Everyone needs God. Connecting people to God is what we do.



What does the color of your brain say about you?

This past Sunday, we looked at what it means to be a generous giver (2 Cor 9). One of the things we learned was that giving generously benefits us (the giver) physiologically. A Swedish neuroscientist performed a study where they performed fMRI’s (Functional magnetic resonance imaging) on people who were known as being generous givers and stingy/non-givers. What they found was amazing; the brains of generous givers emit a warm glow, while the brains of non/stingy givers don’t emit a glow. In addition, people who give experience a degree of pleasure and are more fun to be around. Conversely, non-givers tend to be less happy and awkward to be around.

Today you get to choose what kind of giver you’ll be. Food for thought…

Grace & Peace,
Pastor Douglas




Currently Pastor Douglas is leading a series entitled Foundation. He wants the church to understand what makes BFC, BFC? This Sunday we’re wrapping up our Foundations series by looking at how we engage our attenders in discipleship. Our primary means of growing deeper spiritually and relationally is through Small Groups. Join us this week as we to learn how you can benefit by committing to gather as a Small Group with fellow attenders.

If this Sunday is going to be your first Sunday with us, we would love to know you are coming! You can plan your visit by CLICKING HERE.


This past week, Pastor Douglas shared a message from 2 Corinthians 9 entitled, Generous Givers. If you were unable to be with us, you can LISTEN HERE →.

When you give to BFC you help enable us to:

  • Worship and boldly preach God’s Word in a safe, dedicated space

  • Engage Bridge Kids with age-appropriate Gospel-centered teaching

  • Show our neighbors Christ-like love through outreach events

  • Host community-wide classes

  • Train new leaders

  • Offer classes designed to deepen your Biblical knowledge and grow you spiritually

  • Compensate needed staff

  • Purchase equipment and resources as needed

  • Provide financial compassion for those who need it

  • Train church planters and plant more churches

  • Promote what God is doing at BFC

  • And so much more…

Many thanks for your generosity!




Community Cookout | September 1 | 1-3 PM

Is there anything better than food!?! On September 1st, after our Sunday Gathering, we will be having a community cookout. There will be food and fun aplenty for the whole family! If you plan on attending, please plan on registering and bringing a side to share!


Night of Worship | September 8 | 5 PM

Everything we do as a church, we do with a unified desire to glorify God. Join us on the evening of Sept. 8th as we come together as a church family to give praise for the work God is doing through our church now, as well as what He will do in the future. Worship will begin at 5pm and dinner will begin at 6:30pm. This special evening service will replace our usual Sunday Morning service that day. The DINNER IS FREE, but please register so that we can plan accordingly.





BFC Turns Six Months Old!

This next week we celebrate God’s generosity and grace. BFC turns six months on September 7th! We are truly humbled by God’s grace and amazed that He’s accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. In addition to starting and sustaining our church we’ve seen Him: heal marriages, heal people of terminal diseases, birth three newborns, bring more regular attenders, and return the de-churched back into the body. Just to name a few. God has done and continues to do amazing things thorough our ministry. Please continue to pray for us as we now get ready to launch into our first full ministry year. When God is doing His thing, His way, it’s all gas no brakes. I pray that we can keep up and that we do nothing to get in His way. Amazing things are happening!

We appreciate your prayers and we delight in being able to pray for you. Let us know how we can pray for you, by CLICKING HERE.