The Weekly: Week of August 4th, 2019

BFC exists to BRIDGE people back to God through the Gospel. Everyone needs God. Connecting people to God is what we do.



Take a moment and think about the person who had the greatest impact on you. For me that person was my granddad, affectionately known as “Pops”. He taught me lots of things and he modeled Biblical manhood, truth be told I owe who I am today to Pops. Our culture prides itself on being “self-made” people that pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. Well, what about the person who taught you how to put your boots on the right feet? All of us owe who we are today to someone else. Assignment for the week: Tell the person you own how much you appreciate them, drop them note, text, or phone call. If they’ve passed on like my “Pops”, show them honor by telling someone about how they impacted you.

Have a great week, see you Sunday!

Grace & Peace,
Pastor Douglas




Currently we’re walking through our summer series entitled Foundations. Foundations covers the mission, distinctives, and expectations of Bridge Fellowship Church. We want everyone who calls our church home to understand what makes BFC, BFC. This week were look at our second distinctive: God Worshiping. We’re going to discuss what it means to be an authentic worshiper of Jesus Christ from John 4:24.

If this Sunday is going to be your first Sunday with us, we would love to know you are coming! You can plan your visit by CLICKING HERE.


This past week Briley Penner, our Pastoral Resident shared a message from Ephesians 3:1-21 entitled, United in Position. If you were unable to be with us to hear Pastor Douglas’ message entitled, Heart Matters, you can LISTEN HERE →.





Currently were planning our 2020 ministry year: preaching calendar, Small Groups, Outreach, Special services, God @ Works recordings, and Assimilation process. As you pray, pray this way:

  1. Clarity on ministry year theme

  2. Spiritual/physical strength to preach God glorifying sermons that lead to changed lives

  3. Identify and train Small Group leaders that have a servants heart and willing to shepherd their group members

  4. Identify Elder candidates that: love God, love their family, think Biblically, are teachable

  5. High capacity administrative assistant to free me up to focus on: preaching, shepherding, equipping others, and directing BFC

We appreciate your prayers and we delight in being able to pray for you. Let us know how we can pray for you, by CLICKING HERE.